Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old School Decks

What's up skate rats? It's been a minute since I last dropped by this blog, but I've got a real treat for you today... some flicks of my boy S-One's old skate decks. These are the genuine article from the late 80's/early 90's, and still complete (well 2 out of 3)...

You gotta love this one. Peep the lower left side of the deck. 'Guns N Roses' is written in silver paint marker! Not only is this an original, first run, street ready Caballero deck, it includes that extra 80's essence. Look at how the grip tape is skillfully cut around the Powell dragon. You had to pay extra for the guy to do that at the shop, son.

Powell Peralta made a fortune off of us back in the day, off stickers alone...

This old Matt Hensley deck is pretty sick, too. They had this model and the stain glass hensley model. I think this was the Hensley mini. Classics.

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  1. Yeah brah!! Our sticker game was tight in 1988! LOL
    And Gun's & Roses was the shit back then man!
    I loved that Cab. And that Hensley too, that I bought from Rob Martonfalvy after he slashed his arm all up punching through his window when his mom pissed him off, lol! Thanks Rob!


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