Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Monday, May 9, 2011

Powell Banner

Represent that! I still have this from 1988, or whenever I first got it. I also had the Boones Ripper banner of the same size, but that one got lost. I'm missing my tape measurer, but I'm pretty sure this is 32 X 32. I'm lovin' this right now..

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old School Decks

What's up skate rats? It's been a minute since I last dropped by this blog, but I've got a real treat for you today... some flicks of my boy S-One's old skate decks. These are the genuine article from the late 80's/early 90's, and still complete (well 2 out of 3)...

You gotta love this one. Peep the lower left side of the deck. 'Guns N Roses' is written in silver paint marker! Not only is this an original, first run, street ready Caballero deck, it includes that extra 80's essence. Look at how the grip tape is skillfully cut around the Powell dragon. You had to pay extra for the guy to do that at the shop, son.

Powell Peralta made a fortune off of us back in the day, off stickers alone...

This old Matt Hensley deck is pretty sick, too. They had this model and the stain glass hensley model. I think this was the Hensley mini. Classics. Read More......

Thursday, November 26, 2009

SK8 - TV

Here's my last episode of SK8 - TV, the 7th installment. Again, not sure how many episodes there were all together in that one season, and if anyone has any of the other ones or know where they can be seen/found, hit me up. This one here features Jeff Kendall, Ben Schroeder, Eddie El Gato, Gabriel Rodriguez, Brad Stradland, a warehouse session with Steve Cabaleero, and you'll see a segment on building boards, enjoy and leave some feedback...

SK8 TV Ep 7 (part 1)

Sk8 TV Ep 7 (part 2)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Burnt Nuggets

I have a shitload of unlabeled cassette tapes. They've collected dust in boxes for years and years, until recently I've started rooting through them to see what the fuck is on them and whether I should junk them or not.

During the early 1990's I learned how to play guitar, and for a second I was in a band. We called ourselves "The Burnt Nuggets," comprised of two guitar players (myself and my neighbor Jay), a bassist (Wayne), singer (Pat), and a drummer (Bill). We had maybe 3 or 4 songs put together, and they were all pretty garbage. One of them was a D-tuned version of The Spy Hunter Theme. We didn't take ourselves very seriously although we did pool our money together to get studio time on several occasions. We spent most of that time all playing random notes at the same time, stoned. Here I have a shit quality recording of one of those studio sessions from 1993.

I absolutely flipped my wig and shit myself when I heard "The Nuggets Theme Song" actually recorded on a cassette. I thought it would forever remain lost in time (not that it shouldn't be).

I'm sure no one across the world has any interest in this, in fact, the only reason I'm posting this here is if by some chance and of the other members of the band (aside from my neighbor) who I no longer stay in touch with somehow stumble upon some nugget downloads and get a nice trip down memory lane.

Nuggets Theme

Nugget Song 2

Nugget Interlude

Heavy Metal Song

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ollie Airwalk

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Here is Thrasher's September 1987 issue, with the fresh artwork by Pushead, who has made quite a name for himself through the years, most noteably designing cover art designs for groups like metallica and Dr. Octagon to name a few.

Pushead worked as an artist and writer for Thrasher during the late 80's and early 90's, and had his own section in the magazine entitled the 'Pus Zone' where he would discuss music and make social commentary.

The skulls and shit were not so much my taste back then as I associated them with metal and metal heads and so forth, a scene which I wasn't much into, but over the years Pushead's work has grown on me. He's stayed consistent with the way he does his art, and you can always tell when a work is his. He recently designed a pair of Nike SB's which are really flavor. Read More......